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SMILE course timetable SMILE course timetable

The SMILE online learning course is split into six units as follows. Each unit will be available from the date shown: once open, the unit will remain available for the duration of the course:

Unit 1: What is social media?
Unit open for study from 23 April 2012
Unit now open

Unit 2: Using social media in schools - whole-school approach
Unit open for study from 30 April 2012
Unit now open
Including Social media quick start guides

Unit 3: Using social media for learning and teaching - pedagogical principles
Unit open for study from 7 May 2012
Unit now open

Unit 4: Using social media for professional development
Unit open for study from 14 May 2012
Unit now open

Unit 5: Using social media responsibly
Unit open for study from 21 May 2012
Unit now open

Unit 6: Social media policy and the challenges of social media adoption in schools
Unit open for study from 28 May 2012
Unit now open

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Important update - 08 July 2012 Important update - 08 July 2012

 ***By now, you should all have received confirmation of your Community of Practice for the next phase.
If not, or if you have any queries, please contact the SMILE Project Team

New - case studies added New - case studies added

Newly added is a case study section for use by you and your peers during the second phase of the SMILE Project. You will find all your case studies here and the intention is that each community of practice takes one or a few relevant case studies and works with it, to improve the possible outcome, using your best strategic thinking, teaching skills and experience with top technologies and social media.

View the case studies here

Welcome to SMILE Welcome to SMILE

SMILE logo

Welcome to the SMILE online learning course - thank you for joining us!

By joining this online learning course, you will be participating in six units covering a variety of aspects on the use of social media in learning and education - see the course timetable to the left.

For each unit, you will be given an introductory video to view, along with a written commentary and additional sources of information. You will also have a list of links to explore and reflect on, and examples of interesting practice taken from both the education sector and beyond. At the end of each unit are a series of tasks to help you deepen your understanding, and gain practical experience of many of the issues discussed.

We intend for this to be a very interactive course and hope that you will engage in discussion and debate along the way! A discussion forum is available for you to post general comments and queries. There will also be a series of themed forum discussions for each module.

As you know, this is a year long course and we will be inviting you back to the Leedu platform at various points in the year to update you on emerging practice, and learn from your experiences in the classroom. In doing so, we hope to gather participant case studies to benefit both the members of the SMILE community, and the wider educational community. Further information will follow at various points in the course.

To allow us to monitor the impact of this course, we would appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to complete an online survey - please visit A similar survey will be conducted at the midpoint and end of the year-long project.

We look forward to working with you on SMILE!

About the SMILE project About the SMILE project

f logoEuropean Schoolnet (EUN)  has been awarded an inaugural Digital Citizenship Research Grant by Facebook. The grant will support world-class research to continue to improve our understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with how kids are growing up in a world of social media and technology through the SMILE (Social Media In Learning and Education) project.

This year-long project consists of three phases:

  • An online learning laboratory for 100 teachers from the 30 member states of EUN's partnerships to investigate and embrace the educational opportunities social media offers.
  • Research with the 100 learning laboratory participants to highlight trends and best practices for how social media is being used and can be used in classrooms.
  • Broad dissemination of results of the research through EUN’s interactive portals for teachers as well as through European and international meetings and conferences.
Further information about the project is available in Facebook's announcement.
About European Schoolnet About European Schoolnet

European Schoolnet (EUN) is a network of 30 Ministries of Education in Europe and beyond. EUN was created 15 years ago with the aim to bring about innovation in teaching and learning to its key stakeholders: Ministries of Education, schools, teachers and researchers.

European Schoolnet’s activities are divided among three areas of work:

  • Policy, research and innovation
  • Schools services
  • Learning resource exchange and interoperability

Further information is available from